Underground Civil Works

As the main area of our market, Lurpelan has the necessary human team and technical equipment to undertake any underground infrastructure construction project.

 Our proven experience and our own extensive machinery park enable us to tackle any underground work providing technical solutions from project, design and calculation to execution, down to the smallest detail.


Drilling and Surface Blasting

In the sphere of surface blasting, we have high-performance drilling equipment as well as highly qualified staff to work in civil works and in open-pit mines and quarries.

Our technical team has extensive experience in special blasting with particular risks: power lines, urban settings, elements of architectural interest, communication routes and industrial facilities, designing every blast in accordance with the setting and minimizing all the risks inherent to the activity.

Our Technical Department pays special attention to conducting preliminary vibration studies in compliance with ISO UNE 2822-381-91 standard, “Blasting Vibration Control”.


We have tried to transfer all the experience accrued in civil works to the mining sector, where we have combined it with the experience gained by our staff in mining exploitation projects. We strictly apply the same principles of professionalism, quality and safety and seek the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

 From the execution of access galleries, the excavation of mineral extraction chambers and the exploitation of mines and quarries to the recovery and enhancement of mining spaces, LURPELAN has placed all its technical potential at the service of the client. The work carried out by Lurpelan in the mining projects in which it has participated has opened up a new business area full of challenges and opportunities.

Hydraulic and renewable works

In order to respond to the requirements of our clients, and backed by our extensive experience in underground work, we have been participating in important hydraulic works for several years now. In this new business area we have carried out different excavation and injection works, providing the most effective solutions based on functional criteria so as to meet the needs of each client.

 At present we are working on one of the greatest hydroelectric projects carried out in Europe in the last 25 years: the Támega hydroelectric complex, in the north of Portugal, where we have been collaborating from the start of the project.

Slope Stabilization

Since January 2021 we have added new business areas in order to provide more and better solutions to our clients. We have opened new paths and business opportunities so as to continue being a reference in the sector due to our trustworthiness and reliability.

Our newly created Geotechnical department, with highly experienced staff and a considerable park of specific machinery, tackles all types of solutions for supporting and treating slopes, walls and structures, such as:

  • Micropile walls
  • Slope support anchorage
  • Soil nailing
  • Sheet piles
  • Triple torsion mesh
  • Flexible mesh and anchored cable net
  • Horizontal drains in all types of land and retaining walls
  • Pressure injection for land consolidation, underpinning and waterproofing
  • Shotcrete: protection, stabilization and/or waterproofing on a slope or wall and even for aesthetic reasons
  • Static and dynamic screens


Foundations and injections

Within our growth strategy and in line with the other business areas, we provide an effective and sound service in special foundations and injections.

  • Micropiles: special foundation or underpinning for buildings or structures
  • Injections: land consolidation to be able to lay foundations