The importance of underground infrastructure

Communications improvement

Distance reduction

Elimination of geographical barriers

Minimal impact on the environment

breaking through to the future


At Lurpelan we believe in underground infrastructures as a key element to improve communications, reducing distances, removing geographical barriers and minimizing environmental impact.

Aware of the strategic role that underground works were going to play in the future, and relying on the know-how of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, we established LURPELAN in 2006.

Over the years we have become a leading company in our sector, both with regard to underground civil works as well as mining. We have extended our main activity with other markets related to renewable hydraulic works and, recently, with slope stabilization, foundations and injections.

At present we provide a wide and comprehensive range of personalized solutions to our clients, under the premises of professionalism, quality, safety and closeness. To this end, we have the highest ratings as construction contractors.

In recent years we have participated in major strategic projects: Metropolitan South Diversion of Bilbao, High Speed Network of the Basque Country and Alicante, New Accesses to Bilbao, Galleries for Hydroelectric Power Plants, Underground Lines, etc., which has turned us into a renowned company in the sector.

This experience has enabled us to compete at the international level, having a permanent office in Portugal since 2015.