Slope Stabilization

Reinforcement work on road en 108, Km 103+200. Estabilização de Aterro e Muro Suporte (Portugal)

Owner: Infraestructura de Portugal

Client: Socorpena. Construção e Obras Públicas Lda.

The work is called “En 108, km 103+200. Estabilização de Aterro e Muro Suporte” between Peso da Regua and Mesão Frio (North of Portugal), and involves a micropile wall, comprising 60 units of vertical micropiles with a 250 mm borehole and 139.7 x 9 mm casing, and a distance of 1.0 m between them. Moreover, every 3 units there is 1 micropile with a 30 degree inward inclination. This micropile also has a 250 mm borehole but 88.9 x 9 mm casing.

The average length of these micropiles is 7.0 m (between 2.5 and 3.0 in sound rock). Grout injection in these micropiles was carried out using injection equipment with two PH5 pumps, a greasing unit and a hydraulic unit with a 5.5 kW motor-pump group, to inject grout at a rate of 120 to 1.400 l/h at a maximum pressure of 85 bar.