Underground Civil Works

Oporto Metro.
Double track tunnels from Galiza-Santo António station and Galiza-Casa da Musica station.
Rio da Vila diversion tunnel

Owner: Metro Oporto Client: UTE Ferrovial ACA
Client: Roads – ACS Group

Construction of three tunnels using explosives (drilling and blasting) and mechanical means, also including ground treatment with mixed techniques based on jet grouting, micropiles, fibreglass, etc.

Two double track line tunnels, Galiza-Santo António and Galiza-Casa da Música, which include the excavation of two emergency and ventilation shafts 34 m and 32 m deep with a section of 139 m².
Tunnel for the Rio da Vila diversion (of reduced dimensions, 21 m² and 536 m in length.

Tunnel section Galiza-Santo António: 738 m and 65 m².
Tunnel section Galiza-Casa da Música: 855 m and 65 m².