Underground Civil Works

Tunnel and trench slope reinforcement works on the Monforte-Lugo railway section

Owner: ADIF
Customer: UTE Monforte

Tunnel 73: 264 m

Tunnel reinforcement by gunite spraying and placement of bolts and grout.

Excavation in masonry of 10 niches for the placement of catenary tensioners. Plus 1 singular niche with excavation and external support of vault over tunnel for subsequent internal demolition of masonry.

Lowering of the whole of the platform to increase the gauge.

Tunnel 74: 41 m

Complete demolition in phases of the masonry of the tunnel to increase the section and gauge.

Laying of trusses with Bernold plates and subsequent gunning. Construction of a cut-and-cover tunnel in both tunnel mouths.

Trench slopes

Supporting and reinforcement of 7 slopes by means of mesh, gunite, bolts and mechinales.