Underground Civil Works

Tunnel Drilli and Blast works. AVE Madrid – Galicia. Section: Prado Tunnel Left Track

Owner: UTE Tunnel de Prado (Dragados-tecsa)

Client: ADIF (Spanish Railway Infrastructure Manager)

LURPEKO LAN BEREZIAK, S.A. carried out the excavation and support of 275 linear metres in bench section and 26 metres of section recovery, with their prior special treatments, corresponding to the Left Track of the PRADO tunnel.


  • Reinforcing the sections before and after the section requiring reprofiling.
  • Reprofiling by excavating the section where no recovery was required.
  • Cutting and removing the truss inside the section.
  • Deepening the excavation to its final measurement.
  • Placing a sprayed-concrete sealing layer on the excavated area and a new truss.
  • Placing structural layers of sprayed concrete.